PSP Enterprises is a Market Research Company founded by Richard Case who is a former Gartner Group Vice President with more than thirty years experience in high technology research.

PSP Enterprises conducts research by interviewing companies that have made a recent competitive purchase decision in a high tech market segment. The key purchase criteria are determined along with the vendors who bid and how each did against the criteria. Critera importance is also determined. Extensive customer comments are noted about how decisions were made and why vendors were rated as they were.

Customer answers are reviewed and used to produce a detailed analysis which vendors use to improve their products and services for customers. This provides customers an opportunity to send clear messages to vendor upper management while allowing vendors to use this information to create stronger products and services customers will receive in the future. Thus providing eventual value back to customers who participate in the survey.

Confidential Guarantee

PSP Enterprises guarantees that none of our publications will contain any respondentís name or company name. Should any such publication be presented back to PSP Enterprises, we will pay the respondent or the company $10,000.

PSP Enterprises, Computers Hardware, Software & Services, Danville, CA

There are no complaints against PSP Enterprises

PSP Enterprises guarantees that all company and respondent answers are completely confidential and that neither respondent names nor any company's name will be published in any analysis. All answers are held in confidence. It is not necessary for customers to name specific vendors if they do not wish to.

Our interviewing technique is designed to be as comfortable and painless as possible.

If you would like to participate in one of these research projects or if you are with a vendor who would like to obtain the results of such a study, please contact via email at or via phone at 925-648-0532. To see Richard Case's resume, click here.

PSP Enterprises adheres to the SCIP professional code of ethics

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